Dark Pink Patola Silk Saree
Dark Pink Patola Silk Saree
Dark Pink Patola Silk Saree
Dark Pink Patola Silk Saree

Dark Pink Patola Silk Saree

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Dark Pink Patola Silk Saree
Rs. 2,799.00

Product Description

Wrap yourself in regal opulence with our Dark Pink Patola Silk Saree, a true embodiment of grace and allure. The deep, rich tones of dark pink weave together seamlessly in this masterpiece of Patola artistry, creating a striking contrast that captivates the eye. Each intricate pattern tells a story of tradition and heritage, making this saree a timeless addition to any wardrobe.

  • Fabric :- Blended Silk
  • Saree Length :- 5.5 Meter
  • Blouse piece :- 0.8 Meter



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A Story of Innovation

The history of Patola silk sarees dates back to several centuries, with references dating as far back as the 12th century. Traditionally, Patola sarees were worn by royalty and aristocracy, symbolizing wealth, status, and prestige. Even today, these sarees hold a special place in Indian culture and are often worn on special occasions such as weddings, festivals, and religious ceremonies.

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